Coffee Grounds

There are many joys waiting in the Spring garden. The most important one for me is sitting on a log watching it all go by.

There is Zen somewhere between chickens scratching at the ground and the hum of a city carried by the wind. Nectar feeding birds fight for the highest branches of the Banksia tree, while below, bees and flies swarm over bushes of lavender and stinging nettle.

Closest to where I sit is a four year old tree, a favorite. In place of white flowers are tiny green welts on stalks, which will swell over several months into the dark purple of a Stella Cherry.

In between those moments was the welcome task of of image gathering – here are some to share with you. From a lovely Melbourne Spring.

The Joy of Springtime in the Garden There are many joys waiting in the Spring garden. The most important one for me is sitting on a log watching it all go by.

Earwig insectThis is an Earwig.

They seem to have this habit of getting into anything in the garden made from wood, where they set-up little colonies. Then they become large colonies.

At night they move en masse to the closest growing thing and start chewing it to the stump.


But you see, there is a not so secret weapon to help control earwigs and give some of the other insects a chance to eat your hard grown food. Chickens :)

Chicken Insect Destroyers

I happened to be cleaning the long standing quail hutch, something like 3 years of good use from it. While I was digging out quail manure, dozens of earwigs were scampering around and that seemed like too many those little birds to handle. The quail were taken to another hutch and this old wooden thing was laid on it’s side – then the chickens arrived in no time to catch more of those escaping earwigs.

These four girls spent about half an hour catching every earwig in the vicinity of the hutch. Must have been hundreds of them all told. I broke up the hutch on a concrete floor and a few dozen more earwigs came out from the rotting wooden frame. Yet again the chickens came to the rescue, busily chasing them down and seeming to enjoy the treat.

The plants around the quail cage started to recover immediately. A lovely little wormwood plant had doubled in size since becoming free from a hundred little earwig mouths. It seems so obvious now but it was always hard to find the culprits. Earwigs are great at hiding but armed with a chicken or three, anything is possible.

Something else I’ve noticed, is that since the quail cage experience, the chickens will quickly rush to anything that I happen to push over. Say the large pot of feverfew – they gathered around the bare soil for grubs and quickly scratched a few inches down in their search for those little protein rich goodies. Isn’t that a great habit for a chicken to have ;)

Are you having trouble with earwigs, and if you how do you control them?

Chicken Hunting Party This is an Earwig. They seem to have this habit of getting into anything in the garden made from wood, where they set-up little colonies.
The Unravelling of Grapes in Spring

Grave Vine Spring

I always worry about grape vines in the Winter. They look dead for months, just until those leaves burst open into Spring sunshine.

In preparation for the demands of the new season, the soil has been improved with basalt dust and vermicast made from coffee grounds and chicken manure.

A good dose of fish emulsion just went in, soaking through a mulch of aged wood and leaves in a shared bed of…

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Way back in May we had a single Tamarillo fruit left on the tree – and then there was Winter!

The Sun is returning to high arcs through the sky, and the wind has become less bitter. Spring and her promise of rebirth has arrived :)

So it seems for the Tamarillo, with rapid new growth in preparation for providing that magnificent fruit. This very attractive and productive tree is fast becoming my favorite, well until I’m grazing on my 7 apple and 4 peach trees (oops did I plant too many)? 

For this month’s Tree Following – here goes.

Tamarillo Tree Following - August 2014 Way back in May we had a single Tamarillo fruit left on the tree - and then there was Winter!
Reading Coffee Grounds
Care to Read your Future with Coffee?

English: Coffee reading (Tasseography) ქართული...

We like to drink coffee and it’s one of the world’s most popular drinks. Did you know that it can actually tell your fortune?

The reading coffee grounds is a genuine practice. This fortune telling might seem a bit strange to most people but it’s a branch if divination called Tasseography.



This branch of divination has been around for over a…

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Bad Coffee is a Crime Against Happiness

Bad Coffee is a Crime Against Happiness

mcdonalds cafe coffee

There is a saying – ‘You never know how good you got something till it’s gone’.

I got a taste for that myself a few weeks back; a full size Long Black, boiling hot in a thin single cup. So hot the plastic lid started to buckle. The pain in my hand was only matched by the taste, actually not sure which pain was worse. The burned palm healed, but the mental scars of drinking what tasted like…

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How to Remove Coffee Grounds from Coffee Pods

How to Remove Coffee Grounds from Coffee Pods

Meat Tenderizer coffee pods

Like it wasn’t hard enough to get ‘us’ to recycle used coffee grounds already, humanity has found a way to trap those grounds in metal or plastic to make the task that little bit more impossible.

Not ready to accept us slowly suffocating on our own garbage, the friendly team here at Ground to Groundhave been experimenting with the best way to pry those valuable used grounds from their 21st…

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Collecting Coffee Grounds from the Office

Collecting Coffee Grounds from the Office

used coffee grounds in container

What a treat I saw the other day when visiting an office outside of town.

Here sitting nicely next to the espresso coffee machine was a little plastic container with a sign requesting spent coffee cakes.

The post-loved coffee is then used in the garden where it belongs! So what is that, an old icecream container – a simple way to save such a valuable resource.

spent coffee ground pucks in container

Would it be easy to setup the same…

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Another Writer Joins Ground to Ground - Rebekah Smith Makes Three!

A New Writer Joins!

coffee logo for cafe

Hi folks, just a quick message welcoming Rebekah Smith as a fellow author on

Along with myself and Paul Wyer, this little gardening blog now has three contributors. And this is a great thing :):D

Why do we need more voices on this site? There are so many stories out there that need to be shared, and one person can’t do it all alone. In the same way that Ground to Groundsucceed…

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Eating Fuchsia Fruit
fuschia fruit eat

Forest Garden making a guild So you need food to eat in your forest garden, and you are growing all the regulars – apple, pear, citrus, fig, and so on.

Then your shrub level (using Patrick Whitefield’s 3 level arrangements as per his How to Make a Forest Garden), is hard at work. All those empty spaces are getting filled with berries, pepino, herbs, globe artichoke. But there is fruit from a plant that you might have seen…

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