Coffee Grounds
Reading Coffee Grounds
Care to Read your Future with Coffee?

English: Coffee reading (Tasseography) ქართული...

We like to drink coffee and it’s one of the world’s most popular drinks. Did you know that it can actually tell your fortune?

The reading coffee grounds is a genuine practice. This fortune telling might seem a bit strange to most people but it’s a branch if divination called Tasseography.



This branch of divination has been around for over a…

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Bad Coffee is a Crime Against Happiness

Bad Coffee is a Crime Against Happiness

mcdonalds cafe coffee

There is a saying – ‘You never know how good you got something till it’s gone’.

I got a taste for that myself a few weeks back; a full size Long Black, boiling hot in a thin single cup. So hot the plastic lid started to buckle. The pain in my hand was only matched by the taste, actually not sure which pain was worse. The burned palm healed, but the mental scars of drinking what tasted like…

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How to Remove Coffee Grounds from Coffee Pods

How to Remove Coffee Grounds from Coffee Pods

Meat Tenderizer coffee pods

Like it wasn’t hard enough to get ‘us’ to recycle used coffee grounds already, humanity has found a way to trap those grounds in metal or plastic to make the task that little bit more impossible.

Not ready to accept us slowly suffocating on our own garbage, the friendly team here at Ground to Groundhave been experimenting with the best way to pry those valuable used grounds from their 21st…

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Collecting Coffee Grounds from the Office

Collecting Coffee Grounds from the Office

used coffee grounds in container

What a treat I saw the other day when visiting an office outside of town.

Here sitting nicely next to the espresso coffee machine was a little plastic container with a sign requesting spent coffee cakes.

The post-loved coffee is then used in the garden where it belongs! So what is that, an old icecream container – a simple way to save such a valuable resource.

spent coffee ground pucks in container

Would it be easy to setup the same…

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Another Writer Joins Ground to Ground - Rebekah Smith Makes Three!

A New Writer Joins!

coffee logo for cafe

Hi folks, just a quick message welcoming Rebekah Smith as a fellow author on

Along with myself and Paul Wyer, this little gardening blog now has three contributors. And this is a great thing :):D

Why do we need more voices on this site? There are so many stories out there that need to be shared, and one person can’t do it all alone. In the same way that Ground to Groundsucceed…

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Eating Fuchsia Fruit
fuschia fruit eat

Forest Garden making a guild So you need food to eat in your forest garden, and you are growing all the regulars – apple, pear, citrus, fig, and so on.

Then your shrub level (using Patrick Whitefield’s 3 level arrangements as per his How to Make a Forest Garden), is hard at work. All those empty spaces are getting filled with berries, pepino, herbs, globe artichoke. But there is fruit from a plant that you might have seen…

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Saving the environment, one pavement at a time

Originally posted on Lewisham House:

Poor tree! For that matter, poor pavement!

Poor tree! For that matter, poor pavement!

The photo above underscores what street trees often have to suffer through.

With the trunk surrounded by concrete on all sides, the results are lifted pavements for pedestrians, and too little water for the tree. Amazingly, some people call for the offending trees to be cut down, but there’s a better solution.


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I will be speaking at the Change Management Institute - 10th July

I will be speaking at the Change Management Institute – 10th July

shane genziuk speaker

There is an interesting little night being planned on the 10th of July (6PM to be exact), and a panel of amazing people are going to be speaking on the topic:

Is Social Media an Effective Tool for Change?

Now seeing how I am one of the speakers, I will of course continue to refer to the collective panel as amazing.

So what are we going to be speaking about exactly?

Please join us for an…

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Coffee pods are such a cool idea for the manufacturer, it allows them to differentiate their product in ways that were previously unknown at such a level of granularity, plus you can make a whole lot more selling little pods for a buck than a big jar of the stuff for five.

Hence, the rise of the pods!

Now what happens if you buy a Dolce Gusto and also feel like you should do the right thing and recycle the spent coffee grounds trapped within that plastic shell? Well not much… you’re screwed actually.

The Dolce Gusto is a particularly tricky pod to get the grounds out of (yes with some of the pods you have a fighting chance), because the only way to get to the coffee is to pull off the thick double coated top and either scrape them out or rinse it in a bucket of water. Either way is less than ideal and it is going to take some time to get a decent amount.

So what does Nestle (AKA Nescafé) have to say about it?

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsules are made from different material and our volumes are too small to be recycled as a second material in the standard recycling streams, therefore at the moment the best solution for NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsules is to be used to generate energy for other industries whenever local conditions allow or be recycled as part of mixed-plastics.


So there are a couple of things that you the consumer can do, if you feel that having no real option to reuse the perfectly good natural fertilizer trapped within the plastic casing is just not good enough:

  1. Don’t buy them!
  2. Give them back to the retailer, maybe they can collect enough to do something useful with them.
  3. Use a French press or good old fashioned copper pot to brew your coffee. That’s what I do with Greek coffee and it is STRONG.
  4. Tie a few with thick cord to replicate the beauty of the Bola – you too can catch running game or low flying birds.
  5. Stick a few in your gob and see how far you can spit them out.
  6. Or… repeat step 1.

Now if you happen to be mechanically minded and can come up with an easy way to extract the good coffee from the bad plastic, please do share with the group. And maybe there should be more than 2 steps – what do you reckon?

Recycling Coffee Pods for the Dolce Gusto Coffee pods are such a cool idea for the manufacturer, it allows them to differentiate their product in ways that were previously unknown at such a level of granularity, plus you can make a whole lot more selling little pods for a buck than a big jar of the stuff for five.
Driverless Cars - Impact on the Insurance Industry and just about eveything else

@Longreads Driverless Cars - Impact on the Insurance Industry and just about eveyone else #longreads

Google driverless car

shane genziuk readingHi Folks. So besides writing about how amazing coffee grounds are for your garden, and about chooks and quail, car tire ponds and earthworms, I also write research papers both related to my profession, and academically through the Doctor of Business Administration course at Deakin University.

The following piece is from my submission for the Aon Benfield Scholarship 2014. While I and many others…

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